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  • Sylvan Lake School Age Care Society strives to offer children a home away from home where they can feel supported, safe, and connected.
  • The program offers children an environment in which they can develop new skills, learn through play and interactions with peers and adults, and exercise their unique interests and abilities.
  • Kidz club is staffed with professionals who are dedicated in providing proficient care through play engagement, positive role modeling, patience, and understanding. Staff support children in their growth and provide opportunities for them to celebrate their uniqueness and achievements. 

Mission Statement

  • To provide a professional high standard of care to children in a supportive, enjoyable, and inclusive environment.
  • Includes ALL “walks of life”.
  • Sylvan Lake School Age Care Society does not discriminate based on age, sex, gender identity, culture, ethnicity, ability, religion, race, status, views, or interests. Kidz club will be a safe place for everyone and promote complete acceptance. 

Objectives and Goals

  • The Sylvan Lake School Aged Care Society was formed in August 2004.
  • The Societies objective is to enhance the lives of children and families in our community by providing quality School Age Care Programs for working parents in Sylvan Lake.
  • The following information will describe the program and the intent to provide kind and professional care for children 4.5 to 12 years old, encompassing grades K to 6. Our goal is to have a program of children and caring, enthusiastic staff. Serving the family as a whole is instrumental in childhood development.

Program Activities

Arts and Crafts: Creative expression will be continually fostered and encouraged.

Literacy: Books are provided at each program that reflect the children’s interests.

Dramatic Play: Costumes and play props are available for children to engage in dramatic play, roles, culture, imagination fostering.

Manipulative Play: Blocks, Legos, building items are provided for children to engage in construction, role play, creative expression.

Each program will offer activities that foster – Social, creative, intellectual, physical, and emotion developmental needs.

Social: Children are provided with opportunities to develop social skills through interactions with peers and adults. Being part of a group and learning appropriate social behaviors is encouraged and fostered within Kidz club.

Creative: Kidz club provides many opportunities for children to express themselves creatively and experience chances to produce new ideas. Creative expression, creative problem solving, invention, experimentation are awesome ways to support children.

Intellectual: Chances for children to explore, discover, observe, and understand will foster their intellectual growth. They will have support in developing language skills.

Emotional: Every child will be accepted and treated fairly. They will be shown respect and supported within their own process of learning love and respect.

Physical: Physical skills are fostered and needs are met through play, games, nutrition, and education. 


The Sylvan Lake School Age Care Society wants to ensure that parents, children and staff understand each voice is important, working together is the overall goal of quality child care and is a group effort. We look forward to meeting you and your children!

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